Cave Rescue 2022

Cave Rescue 2022 begins with a sense of impending doom as a bunch of soccer players, all of them children, ride recklessly along the road with their coach toward a large cave. They put their bikes on the stand near the entrance and go inside. It rains heavily for the next two hours, and the water rushes down the cave so ferociously that it seems impossible for the boys to get out. Back home, their parents start to panic, and news spreads quickly. Governor and General arrive, and immediately deploy men to come up with a rescue plan. As the situation escalates due to endless rain and no solution, international help is called for. They eventually find the children trapped at the far end of the narrow, serpentine cave, an unimaginable task to cross, let alone bring back not one or two, but thirteen living souls. For each and every Hollywood Movie to watch you will never prefer to visit theatres or spend money on one particular platform, here on Flixtor Full Movies and TV Shows are streaming for free.

Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.0