Persuasion 2022

Anne Elliot (Dakota Johnson) was close to happiness. love marriage A good man. What more could an upper-class woman of the 19th century want? But he let his years of upbringing in a dirty, mean family corrupt him. He was little more than a sailor with no “rank or riches.” He didn’t meet Eliot’s standards, so she turned down his proposal, and he left. It was eight years ago. Now, Annie’s best friend is under the wine bottles, and she drinks right out of them. Or maybe we – and I use the royal we, so singular – are Annie’s best friends, because she talks to us all the time, sharing the contents of her heart and mind with wit and clarity, Sometimes sniffing your pet. Through this narrative conceit, she tells us how her father Sir Walter Elliot (Richard E. Grant) is an unrepentant twit, her mother is no longer with us, and her sisters, Elizabeth Elliot (Yolanda Kettle) and Mary Musgrove (Mia McKenna-Bruce), very little. are As a flea footbath. She confides in Lady Russell (Nikki Amuka-Bird), a longtime family friend who investigates the Eliot girls. Otherwise, Anne is leaning on a pillow or showing us her secret treasure box, where she keeps articles about her lost sailor, now rich and famous, and the kind who once beached whales. used his naval faculty to save He doesn’t seem to have any other romantic prospects, though we can be reasonably sure that he wouldn’t be interested. She longs and longs, even though she is British, though perhaps not so quietly, as she speaks loudly to us, her confidant, through the camera and our TV. Maybe “we” should be capitalized? As we? Because we’re into it. HD Flixtor 2022, films are the collection that and not available with most of the top ranking sites.

Duration: 107 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6