River Road 2022

Cody Kearsley plays a solid leading man. As his addiction worsens, Kearsley continues to deteriorate physically and mentally as a man due to his desire to capture the euphoric feeling he first got from taking heroin. When in fact, this feeling will never return. Redman’s performance is a bit strained, but she grows into the character as her reality blurs. Kearsley and Redman have chemistry, but their moments of rivalry are far more charming than their moments of love. As DOP and editor, Rob Willey regularly employs low-key lighting, overhead shots, slow motion, and seamless scene changes. There are many crafts that exist, and it is difficult not to be engaged in one. However, the relationship between Travis and Zoe is not fully developed. It doesn’t help that a scene that spans their rough childhood is too synthetic. At the same time, the monotonous synth-centric score elevates their gradual descent into drug-induced mayhem. During the beginning of his descent, Travis meets the ruthless drug dealer Fresno, played by an exceptional Steven Roberts, a clear standout among the cast. As Travis and Zoe get desperate for their next fix, they start stealing. But a hilarious final-act reveal changes everything, at least that’s what I thought. However, the sudden reveal doesn’t really add anything valuable to the central relationship. Disclosure is reduced and not treated as seriously and thoroughly as it should be. Instead, the final act veers into formulaic thriller territory with protracted chases, erratic gunfire, and an engineered fistfight that can’t be taken seriously. Flixtor Movies is the biggest collection of 2022 released and also old released films to watch online, you can also collect info about upcoming movies here.

Duration: 88 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0