Rubikon 2022

The year is 2056, and oxygen-producing algae cultures hold the key to human survival. Our three main characters Hannah Wagner (Julia Franz Richter), Gavin Abbott (George Blagden), and Dimitri Krylow (Mark Ivanir) are with that algae, so they must now decide whether they are relatives of the cramped space station. Who lives and who dies from security, Rubicon 2022. Writer/director Magdalena Lauritsch and co-writer Jessica Lind quickly establish what kind of story they are telling when they meet with Rubikan’s crew members, especially the sad Dimitri Krylow (Mark Ivanir) and his beloved son Danilo Krylow (Konstantin Frolov) And Gavin Abbott (George Blagden). The presence of Hannah and Gavin immediately put the Russians on the sidelines, as they represent the Nibra Corporation, the absentee patron of the space station. You can then assume the worst about Hannah and Gavin because, in “Rubicon”, the future is determined by the corporations. But the two characters clearly don’t have the same privileges: Hannah, with her own aspirations and issues of sacrifice, is a nonsense and sometimes cold mercenary, and Gavin is from a rich, powerful family. Pouty is a chemist. It sounds like a mystery but read on. Hannah and Gavin aren’t really bad people, but Dimitri and Danilo must learn to trust them before the “Rubicon” conspiracy can actually begin. Until then, Hannah and Gavin speak in their own way in Rubikan’s post-step-sized microcosm. They either follow or push Dmitry and his son’s previous questions, many of which boil down to whose interests you are serving and why you are actually here. Some weird and well-executed space drama – an escape pod, a suicide attempt, a drunken card game – and soon it all comes together. Until they get a crisis signal from Earth, which forces them to decide what to do about the ship’s algae cultures. The Biggest Collection of the latest Hollywood Movies is available with Flixtor 2022 Website and you don’t even have to pay.

Duration: 110 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.5