Shut In 2022

Jessica (Rainey Qualley) is a recently divorced mother of young Lainey (Luciana VanDette) and her young son. She is currently living in the broken home of her deceased mother. She is preparing to sell the house, withdraw cash and get as far away as possible from her addicted ex-husband Rob (Jake Horowitz). As she prepares to leave, Jessica gets stuck in the kitchen’s large pantry and can’t get out. Because the house is lonely, Lainey is unable to help. Unfortunately, Rob shows him to go out. But, there is an even worse problem, because he brought his friend Sammy (Vincent Gallo) with him, whom everyone suspects are molesting the child. Jessica tells Rob that she’s going away, beating around the bush that Rob’s addiction is the main reason. Inspired by Sammy, his angry ex pushes Jessica back into the pantry, picks up her phone, and pierces her right hand with nails to close the door. Jessica is again trapped to help someone, leaving Lainey and her brother helpless on the other side. Lainey is scared and hungry, and the kid does what the kids do. Once again, the matter gets worse, someone arrives home, and it’s not Rob. The platform you are watching new movies daily is FMovies Co, here you will get films and TV Shows from all genres free of cost.

Duration: 89 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.1